Question: How To Build An Auricula Theatre?

What size pots for an auricula Theatre?

Small terracotta pots ( 7-9cm )

Which direction should an auricula Theatre face?

Hang an auricula theatre on a north or north-east wall (an old bookshelf will do) and enjoy these gorgeous flowers at eye level throughout April and into May. Auriculas grow wild in the Alps: cold and frost hold no terrors, but they need fresh air and cannot abide wet feet or hot summer sun.

How do you display an auricula?

In spring, an east- or north-facing site will protect auriculas from prolonged sun. In summer the whole frame can be moved to a sheltered wall and left there, into winter. An alternative is to empty the theater and put it in full sun in summer, loaded with non-hardy pelargoniums.

Do auriculas like shade?

Auricula growing tips The pots should be topped with grit after planting. You must keep them shaded and moist, and dry them off in the winter.

What is the difference between Primula and auricula?

As nouns the difference between auricula and primrose is that auricula is (anatomy) the external part of the ear while primrose is an early-flowering plant of the genus primula, with white, red, or yellow flowers.

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What is the auricula?

The auricle or auricula is the visible part of the ear that is outside the head.

When should I buy Auriculas?

Auriculas are hardy and like the cold, so don’t worry about the frosts, just keep sheltered away from heavy rainfall and snow in the winter months. At Woottens we release our Auricula availability each year in late February when propagation is completed. Plants can then be ordered for dispatch in late March.

Should I deadhead auriculas?

The flower head should be nipped off, leaving the stem to dry out before being removed. Stand potted plants in a cool, shady place and keep just moist over summer. As plants go into a near-dormant state in hot weather, some lower leaves will die off and can be removed once brown and brittle.

Do you deadhead auriculas?

After flowering If seed is not required, remove dead flowers leaving the stems to die off naturally before pulling them away. Pot on rooted offsets and small plants without over potting to avoid subsequent over watering.

How do you water auricula?

Show Auriculas

  1. Spring – we start to water the plants little by little as the weather begins to warm up, keeping them just moist.
  2. Autumn and winter – not a great deal to do apart from keeping them just damp enough to stay alive.
  3. All year – Removing dead leaves and stems that come away easily does help to avoid rot.

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