Quick Answer: How To Get Into The National Youth Theatre?

Is it hard to get into National Youth Theatre?

All applicants for membership attend an audition workshop to compete for a place on a summer course. Only a tiny minority get accepted. Over several weeks earlier this year, they auditioned more than 5,000 hopefuls for the National Youth Theatre summer courses. Less than one in ten applicants is accepted.

How do I join the National Youth Theatre?

Become a National Youth Theatre Member (Ages 13+)

  1. Join the Hub.
  2. Submit an Audition Tape or Book a Backstage Interview via the Hub Notice Board.
  3. Wait to hear back in May 2021 if you’ve successfully gained a place on our Summer Courses.

Is National Youth Theatre competitive?

We meet nearly 5,000 young people every year and can only offer around 500 places on the acting courses making the programme highly competitive. However, if you’re not successful this time there are still so many ways to be involved with the organisation.

How many people get accepted into the National Youth Theatre?

Every year, the National Youth Theatre holds acting auditions and technical theatre interviews around the United Kingdom; on average, it receives over 5,000 applicants.

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Is the National Youth Theatre free?

Inspired by the traditional repertory theatre model, the NYT REP Company is a free alternative to formal education offering practical, industry-based full-time talent development in drama and performance over nine months to 16 NYT members, who also receieve bursary support amd subsistence.

How much does the National Youth Theatre cost?

Company Membership costs £35-a-year (£2.90 a month). Other than this annual fee, there are no additional costs associated with Company Membership: benefits are included, training offered is free; taking part in a production is free; the REP Company is free; are bursaries are available to support participation.

Who went to the National Youth Theatre?

Dame Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Colin Firth, Rosamund Pike, Orlando Bloom, Catherine Tate, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sir Derek Jacobi, Timothy Dalton, Matt Lucas, Hugh Bonneville, Matt Smith and Zawe Ashton.

How does the National Youth Theatre work?

We empower our young people with creative leadership, inclusive practice and intersectionality training and actively work to address young people who are underrepresented in our community and industry, proactively breaking down barriers that prevent young people from taking part in our work.

How do I get involved in local Theatre?

How to Get Involved in Community Theater

  1. See Shows and Read Reviews. You might have just one choice for a community theater to support in a small town or rural area but in larger cities, there’s likely myriad theatrical opportunities.
  2. Volunteer Behind the Scenes.
  3. Take Classes.
  4. Audition to Act.
  5. Apply as Artistic Staff.

What is the purpose of youth Theatre?

Youth Theatre is a local activity rooted in the community and facilitates the creative interaction of young people. It has a youthful energy with the empowerment of young people at the core of its reason to exist.

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How do I become an actor?

Steps to Becoming an Actor

  1. Jump into theater in high school. The path to acting careers can actually begin in high school plays and musicals.
  2. Get experience outside of school.
  3. Get educated.
  4. Practice makes perfect.
  5. Build up an acting resume.
  6. Hire an agent.
  7. Latest Posts.

How do you become a Nytimes member?


  1. Acting Member. 14-25 year olds who have successfully auditioned for and completed one of NYT’s acting intake courses.
  2. Backstage Member. 16-25 year olds who have successfully interviewed for and completed one of our backstage intake courses.
  3. Alumni.
  4. Become a Member.

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